Charger Challenger 300 6.4L Forged Blk Supercharged Long Tube 700 WHPS Package -

Charger Challenger 300 6.4L Forged Blk Supercharged Long Tube 700 WHPS Package -


New 392 6.4L Hellcat/BGE Based Short Block Engine Bullet Proof Package!!!! Part # SWMPACKAGE1 Fits 2011 to 2018 Dodge Challenger, Charger & Chrysler 300 Equipped with a 6.4L Hemi Engine New forged 392 designed for high boost application!!!! We start with Hellcat/BGE bare block with additional webbing and larger coolant passages for strength and reliability. Mopar 6.4L crank assembly!!!! New Molnar Mopar racing connecting rods!!!! CP - Carillo Bullet Series 2618 Mopar Pistons!!!! ARP main Stud and Cylinder Head Studs Included!!!! Mopar hone using state of the art deck plate, Mopar filed to fit high performance rings!!!! Add Magnuson Supercharger 2300 and Kooks Long Tubes and their Famous Green Catted High Flow Cats!!! New camshaft, lifters and all necessary parts required!!!! ATI Damper, A2Speed Fuel Pump System Professional Installation here in North Carolina!!! Mopar on Dyno Tuning!!!! You’ve undoubtable heard the name CP-Carrillo before. They make some of the best pistons on the market today! CP-Carrillo excels in making pistons for hardcore racing engines. We decided it was time to bring their innovative, high performance pistons to the HEMI market in our A2Speed / Ray Barton stroker engines. Specifically, we are using CP-Carrillo’s bullet series as the flagship of our high performance rotating assembly. Why CP-Carrillo Bullet Series 2618 Aluminum Alloy CP-Carrillo utilizes a 2618 aluminum alloy allowing for maximum strength and resistance to large shock loads such as detonation. 2618 is more flexible than 4032 pistons thus can handle extreme loads better, and can move more before reaching their fracture point. CP-Carrillo Bullet Pistons Duel Forced Pin Oilers This feature doubles the amount of oil, over a single pin configuration, that reaches the cylinder wall / wrist pin bore. This helps increase the durability of your high performance HEMI engine. CP-Carrillo Bullet Pistons Anti-Detonation Grooves (Contact Reduction Grooves) These groves are intended to prevent contact between the piston and cylinder in high RPM / High Heat situations. An added feature of these grooves is that it protects / disrupts detonation impacts from damaging the top ring. CP-Carrillo Accumulator Groove Accumulator Groove These grooves in the second ring land accumulate left over gasses from the combustion chamber alleviating ring flutter in the top ring and early second ring wear. Overall this improves your ring seal and durability. CP-Carrillo Accumulator Groove Chromoly Wrist Pins with Wire Locks CP-Carrillo utilizes case hardened wrist pins made using a computerized gas process. These wrist pins are put through a subzero heat-treating process to improve material strength and grain structure. CP-Carrillo Accumulator Groove Valve Reliefs Valve reliefs are put into the piston to improve flame travel and cross flow in the chamber during the overlap stroke. CP-Carrillo Accumulator Groove ISO 9000 Certified CP-Carrillo bullet pistons are ISO certified, meaning they meet the strictest requirements and have been tested to ensure that you have an extremely durable high performance product. CP-Carrillo Accumulator Groove Not approved for sale or installation in the state of California or any other states that require an EO number.



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